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Personnel Commission » FAQs for Employees Regarding COVID-19 and Work Status

FAQs for Employees Regarding COVID-19 and Work Status

Dear MBUSD Colleagues and Team Members,


I hope this email finds you settling into a “new normal” routine.  As we learn to adapt and help our family members adjust, it is important to breathe and take care of ourselves.  Safely reach out to family and friends and keep connected while maintaining safe social distancing.  We need those connections with loved ones now more than ever.


Attached you will find answers to some frequently asked questions related to our jobs.  As you know, everything is changing by the hour and answers can change with each new government declaration.


If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will respond as quickly as possible. 


Thank you for all you are doing to maintain some sense of normalcy for our students while balancing your own world.  It is not easy not knowing what will happen next, so connect with your family and loved ones and keep yourself healthy.




-- Suzanne

Suzanne Webb, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources


For those of you unable to open the attachment, I’ve copied and pasted the information below:


Dear MBUSD Colleagues and Team Members,


I am reaching out to all MBUSD employees, certificated, classified, and unrepresented, with some additional information related to our jobs. Our job in the Human Resources office is to support all of us, and to answer questions that, quite frankly, have never been asked before. This document is based on questions we have been receiving, and it provides the answers that we have right now. As you all know, everything is changing hour by hour, and the answers could change with each new government declaration or law. Therefore, I ask that you consider this a working document. I have placed it front and center on the MBUSD Human Resources page, and I will update it with new information, with  additional questions that you send me, and with other information that I believe would help you. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please email me ( and I will get back to you quickly.


Do I report to work?

A few employees will report to work and most will work remotely. Employee classifications that have been designated as “On-Site” are the only employees working on sites.

On-site employees are those who must physically be on site in order to perform their job duties. They are to continue reporting to work, on the days and times determined by their supervisor, to perform the essential functions of their job.

Off-site employees are those who are able to complete the essential functions of their job remotely and may not be required to report to their job site. Principals or site supervisors may arrange for daily check ins and employees are required to be ready and available to report to work during their regularly scheduled shift.

As this situation is changing rapidly, any of these classifications can change at any time.


What if I am unable to come in or I am unavailable to complete the functions of my job due to childcare?

The District will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests by employees who are parents. This may include the use of any personal leave and other accrued leaves. Please speak with your supervisor and he/she/they will work out a plan with you.


Will I get paid? What if I get sick? What if I want to self-quarantine? What if I am part of an “at risk” population?

The District will maintain pay and benefits for ALL employees relative to their regular schedules for the period of closure.  Employees who are able to complete the essential functions of their job, on- or off-site, will not be required to use paid sick leave or any other form of paid time off during the duration of the school closure.  Employees, working off-site or on-site, who become ill or self-quarantine and cannot complete the functions of their job may be required to use sick leave.  Off-site employees who are ill or who self-quarantine, but can still complete the essential functions of their job remotely, will not be required to use accrued ill/PN leave. Site Supervisors and principals will work with impacted employees individually. In our new virtual format, it would be difficult for certificated substitutes to take over for teachers who become ill.  We suggest creating a week’s worth of emergency lesson plans or collaborating with job-alike colleagues who can provide common lesson plans, so that you are ready for anything. It is a time to expect the unexpected.


What if I am already on a paid leave of absence?

If you are already on a paid leave of absence, you will continue that leave and continue to use your accrued illness or vacation days. You will not be required to perform any functions of your job from home or work during your leave period. If you have a substitute in place, he/she/they may continue to be paid so they can continue to perform the essential functions of your job, if we determine that it is necessary to do so.


Do I have to use my vacation or ill days if I am an on-site employee and I can’t come to work?

If you are asked to come in to perform the essential functions of your job and you cannot come in because you are ill you may be asked to use your accrued illness, PN, or vacation days. Speak with your supervisor, who will do his/her/their best to work with you.  If you do need to take leave, communicate with your timekeeper and supervisor.


What about Spring Break?                                                       

School is technically closed until Tuesday, April 14, 2020.  As stated previously, we will continue to observe spring break as originally scheduled. If you were scheduled for non-work or vacation time during the week of April 6 through April 13, you should continue to plan on that time off.  Teachers should plan to use this time as a break in instruction and all employees should plan to be at work (or on call), or not, based on what would have happened had schools not been closed.  If you need to make changes to previously arranged leaves or vacations, please contact your supervisor to determine whether or not such changes can be approved.


What if I already planned to be out during the school closure and I have a substitute scheduled?

All day to day substitutes have been canceled. You do not need to do anything in Frontline. Long-term substitute teachers who are already in a paid assignment will continue to take the place of certificated teachers and will continue to be paid. Long-term substitute teachers will receive the same information regarding instruction as all other certificated staff.


What if I get injured while working remotely?

All of our Workers’ Compensation programs are still in force.  If you become injured while working remotely, please be sure to follow all of our established procedures:  (1) contact Company Nurse 1-888-770-0929, or call 911 if you are in need of immediate medical attention, (2) inform your immediate supervisor of the situation, and (3) fill out the required forms which can be found at DepartmentsBusiness ServicesInjury Reporting.


Other Important Reminders and Information

  • Remember that it is expected that you are on-call and are expected to be available during your regular shift otherwise you will need to use your accrued time.
  • During your contracted hours, there should be no postings to social media sites. You are to be engaged in your work as if you were reporting to work on-site.
  • As is current protocol, tutoring your own students is a violation of BP4137.  In following Department of Health guidelines for social distancing, it is strongly suggested you refrain from tutoring and/or babysitting students during the school closure, as you may put yourself in a position where you are personally liable. 
  • Engage in safe practices – refrain from meeting with students individually or in small groups in person while working remotely.
  • If you must go to your school site/department, first communicate with your supervisor to make arrangements.  For safety reasons there should not be fewer than two people at a site at any time.


Be sure to check the MBUSD website regularly as information is constantly changing and we are updating our website continually.  If you have any other questions not addressed here, do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you for all you are doing to maintain some sort of normalcy for our students while balancing your own world.  It is not easy not knowing what will happen next; connect with family, friends, and colleagues and keep yourself healthy.



Suzanne Webb, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources