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Indoor Air Quality

Please let us know your comments, questions, or concerns regarding
indoor air quality at MBUSD campuses by completing the feedback form above.
MBUSD places a priority on the health and safety of students and staff and believes that a safe classroom environment is fundamental to providing an effective educational experience for students. On April 17, 2019 the Board of Trustees adopted a more comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Management Plan ("IAQMP") in order to develop and sustain effective and comprehensive IAQ management programs, or other overall health and safety initiatives, in line with the Environmental Protection Agency's Tools for Schools guidance, which has been implemented successfully in tens of thousands of schools nationwide.
For quarterly updates on areas of focus, progress, or to provide feedback regarding indoor air quality at MBUSD campuses please visit this page. A link to a feedback form can be found here and above, or you may contact MBUSD's Director of Operations, Ed Jozefecick at


Current Areas of Focus and Progress:

  • Summer 2019 roofing repairs have been completed. Classroom leaks should be eliminated. The M&O team is in the process of replacing stained ceiling tiles where needed. 
  • Summer 2019 carpet cleaning: Staff was retrained on techniques and best practices. New cleaning machines were provided to better gauge the amount of water used vs extracted. Improvement has already been seen and staff is looking to further improve the process with the purchase of new attachments to better access hard to reach places.
  • Classroom Checklists: 200 have been received and a recommendation has been made to digitize these forms going forward to maximize responses.The information gathered has been helpful and revealed issues that wouldn't have been identified otherwise.
  • District-wide walkthroughs of every building are currently underway to identify and address issues (broken water lines, running drinking fountains, deteriorating vent screens, etc.) before damage and repair costs become more significant.
  • HVAC inspections, maintenance and service logs are now being done on a routine basis. Vacuuming and filters will be replaced every 3-months.
  • Vehicle Emissions: It was noted that the "No Idling" signs at schools, particularly during pick-up, have varying efficacy. The exhaust often impacts the HVAC system of the closest building. The committee agreed to look into ways to educate people about the "why" behind the no idling signs.
  • Hazardous Waste: M&O collects and properly disposes of hazardous waste annually. Materials include batteries, paint, science materials, etc. If District staff identifies hazardous waste during the school year, please notify the site custodian who will collect and properly store the material temporarily until M&O can transfer to the warehouse for eventual disposal. 
  • Animals on Campus: The IAQMP discusses the broad range of impacts animals can have on student and staff health. The committee suggested a reminder be sent to staff, particularly regarding the requirement for site administrator approval of classroom "pets."
  • Testing for lead in drinking water: The District worked with the City of Manhattan Beach and testing was completed well in advance of the legislated deadline.  No lead was detected in any of the samples taken.  The April 2019 report can be viewed here:  2019 MB School Sites - Lead Testing
  • Hydration Stations: Two new stations were installed at Pacific and one at Robinson over the summer. All stations (and most drinking fountains) have high quality filters that are replaced at last annually, and more frequently as needed. 






  • Eddie Barreto, Trades Specialist
  • Heather DeRoos, PTA Council
  • Richard Gaines, Trades Specialist/CSEA
  • Stephanie Hall, MC Admin
  • Ed Jozefecick, Dir. of Operations
  • Alice Kuo, Physician
  • Liz Laffoon, Teacher
  • Jeff Mullikin, Plant Mngr
  • Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard, Deputy Superintendent
  • Armando Rodriguez, Building Trades Technician
  • Paul Ruta, Dir. of Facilities
  • Kristin Walz, Nurse
  • Sharon Witzansky, ES Admin