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Equity, Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion (EDSJI) » Equity, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion (EDSJI)

Equity, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion (EDSJI)

The MBUSD Board Goals include a focus on equity, diversity, social justice and inclusion as part of our work to create a community of care in our District. We recognize that we have a responsibility to actively oppose racism and discrimination, and to guide this work with our students, families, and staff. 

The MBUSD Board of Trustees, in support of this goal, formed the Equity, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion (EDSJI) Committee with over 40 members representing all school sites. 

If you attended the October 20 Board Workshop, we would love to hear your feedback. Please click the button below and let us know your thoughts.

October 15, 2021 Update from Dr. John Bowes, Superintendent

Board of Education Workshop - Equity, Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion
Advancing equity, social justice, diversity, and inclusion (EDSJI) efforts is an important part of our work in MBUSD to personalize learning, maximize student success and create a climate of care. Please join us as we continue that conversation at the Board of Education virtual workshop on October 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. 
The workshop will follow a format similar to that of the September 2020 EDSJI Board Workshop and will include a presentation from EDSJI Committee members. There will be a public comment period consistent with our Board Bylaws as well as the opportunity to submit written questions during the meeting. In advance of that, you can submit questions/input here (link disabled after workshop) and learn more about equity, diversity, social justice and inclusion in MBUSD here.
During the workshop, we will discuss the recommendations of the equity audit report the District commissioned. You can find the full report hereThis report was compiled by CLEAR, an independent organization hired solely to research and develop the report; now that this task is complete, the District’s contractual relationship with CLEAR has come to an end.
Please tune in to the MBUSD Board of Education Workshop on Wednesday, October 20 at 5:00 p.m. to learn more about the report’s findings and recommendations, to provide your input, and learn more about next steps for implementation on this important effort. The link to attend the Workshop will be posted here by noon Wednesday.
May 25, 2021 Update from Dr. Michael Matthews, Superintendent

Please click here for Reflections on MBUSD’s Efforts to Address Equity, Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion.

Board Resolutions
Resolution 2021-09
Denouncing all manifestations of hate, xenophobia, prejudice, and bigotry, while affirming MBUSD's commitment to the safety and well-being of our community.
Resolution 2017-14
Resolution designating Manhattan Unified School District as an inclusive, safe, and welcoming district, ensuring a protected space for all students to learn.
Our Partnerships
Center for Leadership, Equity and Research (CLEAR)  UCLA Center X Culture & Equity Project (CEP)
The Center for Leadership, Equity and Research (CLEAR) is supporting MBUSD through an equity audit. The audit includes an analysis of current data, staff surveys and group interviews. The CLEAR team will assess current practices to support MBUSD in growing equitable practices that foster a climate of care, equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion in all MBUSD schools.  
The Culture and Equity Project (CEP) team is supporting MBUSD in our journey to create more purposeful and intentional learning opportunities for all students. The CEP professional developers are facilitating a series of sessions to engage our EDSJI committee and administrative team. Topics include:
  • Building relational trust
  • Exploring identity and positionality and its impact on addressing issues of equity
  • Understanding and addressing racism, micro-aggressions and bias
EDSJI Committee Members 
Jen Cochran
Board Trustee
Jason Boxer
Board Trustee
Dr. John Bowes
Dr. Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard
Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Irene Gonzalez-Castillo
Assistant Superintendent
Katrina O'Connor
MTSS Coordinator
Daniel Pestle
MCHS Staff 
Susana Anton
Anna Gralnik
Aisha Qaasim-Davila
Andrew Caine
Community member/Parent Alumni
Armaan Shivpuri
Daniel Cashman
David Halushka
Dawn Fulton
Grace Lou
Hannah Gedion
Janet Allen
Jenna Ahmed
Jennifer Simon
Grand View/Staff
Kerry Aguero
Lanissa Patterson
Lindsey Fox
Maddie Hutchinson
Meike Hennon
Pacific Parent
Michelle Krzmarzick
Monique Roth
Grand View/Parent
Orhan Taner
Patricia Jones
PS I Love You/Community
Ryan Taylor
Sharada Subramaniam
Stacy Cabrera
Tara Grings
Grand View/Staff
Teri Allen