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Preschool Survey

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We are anticipating that the monthly tuition for MB Preschool will increase to $1,650/month per child this year for full-day and $1,170/month for half-day. If MB Preschool is forced to close by the County or the State, educational services will continue via distance learning. Parents who wish to terminate their child's MB Preschool enrollment will be required to give 3 months' notice and will be billed for those three months. With that in mind, please answer the following questions.

Do you wish to continue enrollment for the child indicated above in MB Preschool in 2020-21?
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If you answered 'yes' above, would you prefer to enroll your child half-day or full-day?
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If you answered 'yes' above, would your child be in the 2 year old program or the 3-5 year old program?
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If you answered "No" above, please tell us why.
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As another option, as mentioned in Dr. Matthews' email, we will be considering a distance learning version of our Preschool. This model would offer preschool curriculum in a fully remote format and would not provide any in-person support or child care services (though, if we offer child care, the program could be accessed in conjunction with that program, if parents wished to enroll their children in both). It would also have a 3-month opt-out requirement. Based on what you know at this time, please answer the following question about this distance learning option:

Would you be interested in having your child participate in this distance learning preschool program?
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