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MBUSD is forming two subcommittees (elementary and secondary) to provide information to the steering committee on how we reopen schools next year.

At the June 3 Board meeting, staff was directed to form two subcommittees. Subcommittees will meet frequently between now and the end of July:
Elementary Subcommittee (39 people) Secondary Subcommittee (39 people)
Teachers (12)
Special Education Staff (2)
Parents (5)
Office Staff (2)
Custodians (2)
Nurse (1)
EDP (1)
Preschool (1)
Elementary Counselor (1)
Half of steering committee*
Teachers and Counselors (12)
Special Education Staff (2)
Parents (6)
High School Students (2)
Office Staff (2)
Custodians (2)
Security (1)
Half of steering committee*
*Steering committee will be comprised of the following groups:
Parents (2)
MBUTA and CSEA (4)
M&O/Food Services/IT (3)
Medical Advisory Board (1)
District Nurse (1)
Site Administrators (3)
Preschool/EDP (1)
Special Education Advisory Committee (1)
Board Members (2)
District Administration (5)
Thank you to those who volunteered to be in a subcommittee. We are no longer accepting applicants.