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Manhattan Beach TEDx Conference was an outstanding success!

I am so proud of the efforts and creativity that went into the TEDx conference offered last Saturday at MBMS . A sold out crowd of 500 people participated in this all day think-a-thon devoted to ideas around how we can best educate students.  Every person I have spoken with was inspired and awed by the event.  I know I was.

I am proud that MBUSD and MBEF participated so much in the Manhattan Beach TEDx event on Saturday, October 22nd.  I think it demonstrates that even in this time in budgetary strife when so many places are focusing on survival, we are remaining focused on learning new ideas, discussing new ideas, and determining what we can actually do to improve how we are educating our youth.

Nearly 75 MBUSD educators attended the TED event, and all whom I have spoken with thought that it was an incredible staff development event.  As always, I am overwhelmed with our teachers' desire to be the best teachers possible.

To all who made this happen - I say a giant thank you.  Thanks for a great day, and I am looking forward to continuing the conversation.

- Mike Matthews, Superintendent of Schools, MBUSD