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Here is the email I sent to all MBUSD Parents Regarding the MBUSD Budget

To All MBUSD Parents,


I want to take this opportunity to update you on the discussions from our Board meeting on Thursday night.  I think you know that our district budget has been one of the strongest in California.  We have avoided furloughs, kept class size low, and maintained many special programs, and we have avoided layoffs for the last two years. 


In forecasting our budget, however, we see minimal additional income from the state over the next few years, and we know that if we do not take steps to address our expenses, the gap between revenues and expenses (deficit spending) will only continue to rise.  Last year, for the first time in many years, the MBUSD budget ended in a deficit.  On top of that $1.1 million deficit, we lost $1.2 million in federal funds this year, and an additional $2.8 million in personnel expenditures.  Even with our strong, healthy budget, the district will be in the red in three years if we do not take steps to bring our expenses in line with our revenues beginning in 2013-2014.  The MBUSD Board of Trustees places an extremely high priority on both maintaining outstanding educational programs and maintaining a strong, healthy budget now and in the future.  For that reason, the Board will be taking steps to reduce expenditures in 2013-2014.


As we move toward adopting the 2013-2014 budget in June, we are planning to reduce expenditures for supplies, technology, services and facilities maintenance.  We will continue to look for additional sources of income as well.  Because over 80% of our expenses are in personnel, we must recommend reductions in positions across the district. We will be proposing reductions in the classified work force.  Because state law requires that all certificated personnel decisions be enacted prior to March 15th, the Board will be voting on certificated layoffs at the March 6th Board meeting.  These are difficult decisions that will impact valuable and outstanding employees in our District.


I will continue to work with our employees, MBEF, our PTAs, our parents and our community to find ways to maintain the resources necessary to educate our students in an exemplary manner, minimize the impact on our students and our valuable employees, and continue to be a beacon for quality education in our nation.  No actions are final until the budget is adopted in June.  I know this community, our employees, our Board, and I will all work to find the best solutions possible, so we can keep providing an exemplary education for the students of Manhattan Beach.


I encourage you to examine the slides from the February 28th budget presentation.  I thank you for all you do to provide an incredible education experience for the students of Manhattan Beach.

Mike Matthews


Michael D. Matthews, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Manhattan Beach Unified School District

325 S. Peck Avenue

Manhattan Beach, CA  90266

310-318-7345, x5900