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It's March 14th - Pi Day. Some Geeky Thoughts

So today is 3.14 - known to many as Pi day.   Next year will be 3.14.15, which is the first five digits of Pi.  Even more cool.  So think about Pi today, eat some pie today, and think about the magic of circles.

Here are two resources if you want to geek out more.  I read a nice little article this morning on pi, and why it should not be considered as a number, but rather an absolute means of measuring circles.  The author is a little intense about it, but you got to love that.

Then, if you really want to go over the edge, read A History of Pi, by Petr Beckmann.  It's a look at human history through the lens of Pi.  Even though I attempted to be a math major my first two years in college, the math is WAY beyond me.  I kind of skipped over some of those parts.  And when I say "kind of," what I really mean is that I totally skipped them.  But the history person in me loved the book.  It's an opinionated piece, as the writer is against any kind of authoritarian governments, but that makes it even more interesting to me.  I say, check it out!

Happy Pi Day,

Mike Matthews