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Our Social & Emotional Learning Visual Framework

The social and emotional health of our MBUSD community remains as one of our major goals. How are we helping this come to life? We are focusing on one skill per month. For the month of January, both at school and at home, we are focusing on setting and achieving positive goals. For the month of February, we will focus on showing empathy for others.
MBUSD staff have been focusing on this at school and in the classroom, so we hope that you can support the work at home.
Video links:
Home Activities Ideas: 
Table Top Topics Suggestions – for all family members to answer
  • What is a health goal you have for yourself in 2020?
  • What would I do if I knew I wouldn’t fail?
  • What are some short-term goals I can set for myself for the week and month?
  • How much are the goals I have for myself influenced by my peers?
  • How much are the goals that I have for myself influenced by my parents?
  • Why are setting goals important?
Empathy is the ability to truly understand another's perspective. It is conveyed in our non-verbal behavior, the questions we ask each other, and the statements we make.
Table Top Scenarios for Promoting Empathy
  • A student at her desk seems sad and withdrawn and you don't know why. Think of an empathetic question to ask her. (i.e., "You don't seem yourself today. Would you like to chat? Or do you need a break?"
  • Your brother is upset for losing screentime privileges after making a bad choice. Think of empathetic words to share with him. (i.e., "I'm sorry you lost screentime. Do you want to go downtown and get an ice cream?")