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Facts vs. Rumors

Posted March 5, 2020


Rumor: I hear that there's a confirmed case of Coronavirus at one of our schools?


FactWe have received several emails with questions about whether there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 among MBUSD students or families. At this point, we have no confirmed cases, and we continue to be in communication with the LA County Public Health Department and the Los Angeles County Office of Education. The most recent information that we have received indicates that “There are no known exposures to the general public. None of the new cases are from community spread.” If in the future we do learn that there is a confirmed case, we will work with the LA County Public Health Department and will follow all of their guidelines and directions. At this time, that guidance states, “Although there is no current need for significant social distancing measures in LA County, and the individual risk for contracting COVID-19 remains low for most individuals in the County, all community members should take the opportunity to plan for the possibility of more significant social distancing requirements.” Social distancing strategies include limiting exposure to others who may be ill, verbal salutation in place of handshakes and hugs, not sharing utensils, cups and linens, staying six feet apart from others at public events, and preparing for the possibility of closures. We are taking steps here in the District to prepare for this possibility, and I encourage our families to do so at home as well. We will continue to work with the County Health Department, and we will quickly inform our community as guided by that office.



Posted May 16, 2019


Rumor: I hear that Grand View is on lockdown this morning?


Fact: Grand View Elementary School went on a Shelter-in-Place since a little before 9:00 AM the morning of May 16. A shelter-in-place is a preventative procedure where gates are locked and students remain in the classrooms. Students are able to use the restroom and teaching and learning continues as normal. MBPD has since lifted the shelter in place recommendation. The Grand View School perimeter will remain locked during school hours, with standard pick up procedures in place. Activities and instruction have all returned to normal. There will be a cautionary presence with the School Resource Officer on and around campus for the remainder of the day. School administration continues to be in regular communication with MBPD and will advise if anything changes. Children and teachers are happy to be able to enjoy lunch recess outside.



Posted February 11, 2019


Rumor: I hear that Robinson Elementary is closing this year?


FactWe have actually heard this question several times, and we have NO IDEA who started this rumor. The short answer is ... NO!!! We have not even had a single conversation about Robinson or any other MBUSD school closing. Please do what you can to quash this rumor. Go Riptides!!!



Posted December 12, 2018


Rumor: I hear that a schedule change for MBMS is under consideration. If that’s the case, when is it likely to take effect?


FactThe MBMS faculty has begun discussing possible schedule changes that could be submitted for approval. The Board has not been involved in this conversation to this point. There is no single schedule under consideration, but some of the ideas under consideration are ones that have been discussed in the Board’s quest for improved social emotional wellness for our students, including longer class periods, some form of a block schedule, advisory or student support alternative, moving the before-school “zero period” to an after-school period, maintaining a seven-period schedule, and moving back to a six-period schedule. The earliest the Board would begin discussing possible schedule changes for MBMS would be spring of 2019, but it would be challenging to implement a significant schedule change prior to the 2020-21 school year. If this came to the Board, it would be something that would be discussed at several meetings, with multiple opportunities for stakeholder input, before being decided upon.


  • How would this impact electives for 7th and 8th graders?  
Since no option has been determined, it is impossible to say what impact a new schedule would have. If one of the options presented to the Board is a six-period schedule, there could be an impact on elective classes. There are many districts we could visit to determine what impact this could have on programs such as foreign language, music, and other electives.
  • How would this impact the music department? Will this mean losing a level of orchestra?
Again, since no option has been determined, it is impossible to say what impact a new schedule would have, but there are equally high quality music programs that exist within alternative schedules, including six period schedules. MBUSD has modeled their music program on the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District, one of the first districts to receive recognition from the Grammy Foundation. The SMMUSD music program has been thriving for decades, and both the middle schools and the high schools have a six-period day.
  • Would this mean an incoming 9th grader would not be prepared to take Year Two of a modern language, and therefore lose the opportunity to take an AP level modern language course in 12th grade?
All possible schedule configurations would allow students to enter 9th grade prepared for year two of a world language with the opportunity to take an AP level modern language course in 12th grade.