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Integrated Pest Management





In 1993, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) began a pilot program to work with interested school districts to provide them with information about integrated pest management (IPM) practices and assist them in developing an IPM program.


As part of the Childrens Health Initiative, California enacted Assembly Bill 2260 (AB 2260) which adds language in Sections 17608 to 17613 of the California Education Code and 13180 to 13188 of the Food and Agricultural Code.


The Healthy Schools Act bill requires the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to promote and facilitate the voluntary adoption of integrated pest management programs as specified, maintain an internet website and establish an integrated pest management training program.


The District has implemented an IPM program in order to effectively communicate the existing program to staff, students, volunteers and the public.


Management activities such as preventative maintenance, janitorial practices, landscaping, occupant education and staff training are all part of an IPM program.


Please click here for MBUSD's completed California Department of Pesticide Regulation plan: School District Integrated Pest Management Plan


MBUSD's full IMP program can be viewed here: MBUSD Integrated Pest Management


To receive prior notification of pesticide applications at the school site(s) please complete and mail the form found here: Request for Individual Pesticide Application Notification.