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Foster Youth Education

1. Right to remain in school of origin
2. Right to immediate enrollment in school
3. Right to partial credits for high school students
4. Graduation Rights
5. College Rights
6. School Discipline Rights
7. Right to school records
Please see the pdf flyer below from the California Department of Education (CDE) for more detailed information.

Every foster youth under age 18 must have an education rights holder who is required to make education decisions in the youth’s best interest. Foster youth who are 18 or older have the right to make their own education decisions. The education rights holder may be a parent or legal guardian, a caregiver, or another person chosen by the court. The education rights holder cannot be the child's social worker or probation officer, attorney, or group home or school staff members. It is important for the child to know who the court has appointed as the education rights holder and they should contact their social worker or attorney if they have questions. 

Foster youth also have other rights that are not related to school, such as the right to see a doctor or to have private storage space. For more information, please see the Foster Youth Bill of Rights.(
For more information about foster youth education rights, please see the California Youth Education Task Force You also may contact MBUSD's Foster Youth Educational Liaison, MBUSD Director of Student Services by telephone at 310-318-7345, Ext 5989 or Los Angeles County’s Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSC) at