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Student Services » Bullying and Safe School Information

Bullying and Safe School Information

We know that creating a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment is critical to helping each child achieve academic success at MBUSD. We are committed to promoting our Climate of Care throughout our District.

We have multiple layers of digital protection implemented across our District to make sure our students and staff are safe in the digital world. Please click on the various platforms below to learn more. 



How does the Sprigeo system work? 

Students can access the reporting form directly through a link on our school website,, or you may also download an Apple or Android app. Students can also download the app by searching “Sprigeo” on the app store for their devices. After a student completes the reporting form and clicks the “Submit” button, the report details are sent in a secure email to our school administrators. While reports can be submitted anonymously, over 90% of students choose to include their names when using the Sprigeo system.

Click HERE to download the Apple app. 
Click HERE to download the Android app.
Click HERE for the MBUSD website.

Does the school receive false reports?

Over 95% of reports sent through the Sprigeo system have been confirmed as authentic requests for help with a bullying incident or school safety threat. Unlike text messages or Snapchat posts that can be shared among students, all Sprigeo reports are viewable only by school administrators, minimizing the impact one student has of falsely accusing or abusing another student.

Why is there a need for an online reporting system?

The number one reason why students do not report bullying or abuse is the fear of retaliation from their peers. The Sprigeo reporting form can be accessed from the privacy of a home computer or other Internet-equipped device, eliminating the possibility of being identified by another student.

To submit a report, please click on the Sprigeo logo below. After you submit the form, Sprigeo sends an email to your school administrator with all of the details from your report.



GoGuardian provides an additional layer of filtering at MBMS, logging attempts and limiting students’ access to risky and malicious websites while they are signed in to their District-issued Google accounts. During the school day, it also provides tools that allow MBMS teachers to see what individual students are doing on their devices during class time.

ContentKeeper provides districtwide filtering to prevent staff and students from accessing risky and malicious websites while connecting to the internet from within the District’s network.

Bark monitors students’ online activity when they are logged into their District-issued Google accounts and provides real-time alerts about risky behavior.